Fun to display! Pawfect to take out everywhere♪ Purr-ty Nyaruto series
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Nyaruto fortune-telling foot race

Let's bet which cat will win!


The characters of the popular Nyaruto series have been transformed into kitty based soft vinyl mascots! About 30mm tall. Figures are filled with details of each characters! Not only the face expression but also the are so cute♪
Here's Nyaruto volume 1
Here's Nyaruto volume 2
Here's Nyaruto volume 3
Here's Nyaruto volume 4


Nyaruto! turns out to larger size of soft vinyl mascots! About 100mm tall.  Not only it's volume but also cuteness doubled♪
Here's the Big Nyaruto volume 1
Here's the Big Nyaruto volume 2

Character Introduction

  • [Naruto Uzumaki] Loves mischief
  • [Sasuke Uchiha] A cool cat. Often fights with Naruto
  • [Sakura Haruno] A girl cat loves Sasuke-kun
  • [Kakashi Hatake] An adult cat. Sleep a lot.
  • [Gaara] Hissing all the time
  • [Shikamaru Nara] Feeling lazy all the time
  • [Iruka Umino] He often feeds Naruto.
  • [Itachi Uchiha] Older brother of Sasuke. Not coming back home
  • [Naruto Uzumaki (Angly)] Very scary when he is angry. Bite a lot.
  • [Sasuke Uchiha (Angly)] It's hard to appease when he is angry
  • [Jiraiya] Loves cute cats
  • [Tsunade] Loves Matatabi drink
  • [Orochimaru] Loves beautiful stuff.
  • [Rock Lee] A hard worker
  • [Zabuza Momochi] A little scary older brother cat
  • [White] Loves Zabuza
  • [Naruto Uzumaki] A cat who should have grown up a little.
  • [Sasuke Uchiha] Currently a lost cat.
  • [Sakura Haruno] Actually, a powerful cat.
  • [Kakashi Hatake] An adult cat who is sleepy because he worked hard.
  • [Temari] An older sister cat who cares about her younger brother.
  • [Gaara] Shyness has decreased a bit. A cat who loves Naruto.
  • [Deidara] Good at playing with clay. Quarrelsome cat.
  • [Sasori] Has a lot of dolls. Contrary to appearance, grown up cat.
  • [Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit)] Results of training! Naruto has become stronger!
  • [Sasuke Uchiha (Akatsuki)] The cat got lost more. He calls himself the team "Taka".
  • [Itachi] An older brother cat worried about lost Sasuke. Good at fighting.
  • [Kisame Hoshigaki] An adult cat got used to the water. It's hard to stroke him.
  • [Konan] A cool beauty cat. She plays with various kinds of paper.
  • [Tobi] A mysterious cat. Who are you ...?
  • [Hidan] A devout cat. But never solicit.
  • [Kakuzu] It looks like a very long-lived cat. His meow is thick.