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B-101s Sylphy Series

B-101s Sylphy Series
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List Price Retail
Each1,480 JPY
Release Date
Late in Jul. 2016

●Product Detail

1 pre-painted moveable figure + pedestal and armament parts (3 runners) + 6 types of marking seals

A hot topic at all the hobby events, MegaHouse has at last released the original, deformable figure series, Desktop Army! The first installment, Sylphy Series, reproduced based on Blade's cute design, has a pre-painted fully movable body that fits into the palm of the hand at 80mm, and 3 types of eye print, included randomly, with the line of sight varying to the left or right. The lineup also includes 6 types of armament parts (included in a closed box) to a common standard. The possible combinations are endless. Furthermore, it comes with a highly extensible pedestal and marking seals, so is a highly customizable product. Create your own platoon to overwhelm your desktop!

  • ※The photo is of a prototype under development. It varies slightly from the actual product.
    ※The armament parts are user-assembled.
  • ※Photos and/or illustrations may slightly differ from actual product.
  • ※Some products may be overdue and no longer available.
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