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G.E.M. Series

G.E.M. Series

High-quality figure series for female fans. Check out our gorgeous selection of characters from mega-hit animes and comic books!

Pokémon Jessie & Wobbuffet

Pokémon Jessie & Wobbuffet
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List Price Retail
5,500 JPY
Release Date
In mid Feb. 2016

●Product Detail

Fully colored figure

Characters of the TV animation series "Pokémon" come to life in the "G.E.M" series. The first edition features Team Rocket's Jessie and Wobbuffet in their trademark pose, as if in a play. The second edition is slated to feature James and Meowth, also members of the team since the 90s. Our aim is to create a line-up of figures that has something to offer to both recent fans of the latest series and the fans who have been around since the early days.

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