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STUFFED Collection

STUFFED Collection

Cute characters turned into fluffy stuffed toys! See for yourself how touchable they are!

Digimon Adventure Agumon Patamon

Digimon Adventure Agumon  Patamon
Language change:
List Price Retail
Each5,000 JPY
Release Date
Late in Jun. 2015

●Product Detail

One stuffed toy made of soft boa; multiple internal jooints to provide fkexible positioning

With the announcement of a new anime, Digimon Adventure is showing increased popularity and hype. The "STUFFED Collection" makes an appearance from Digimon Adventure. The first in the series is the popular Agumon and Patamon. The products are made using comfortable soft boa, and feature multiple internal joints to allow for various poses. These are products that fans have been waiting for that allow them to recreate a variety of situations.

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